New Years in Vegas

It was a crazy 24-hour trip to Vegas and now I can say that I’ve been to a Las Vegas New Years celebration. The Strip was jam packed with people at the stroke of midnight and I watched the fireworks in front of Paris. After that we went through a bunch of different Casinos and basically hung out. Clubs were far too expensive to get into, but I think if I were to go again, I would make a reservation at one (would give you something specific to do). I slept for an hour between 9AM and 10AM, then went down to the casino (at MGM Grand) and won $140 at roulette (made $40 into $180). I think I was up to near $210 or so at one point, but we had to leave the hotel in any case so I cashed out at $180. Went over to the Venetian in our Mercedes ML 350 (a car that I’m not 100% sure how we managed to keep all night long — wasn’t even our car) and randomly ran into Jivesh and watched his horrible roulette and Big 6 strategy. After hanging out at the Venetian a bit longer, Justin and I tried to catch a cab to the airport and were greeted by huge taxi stand lines so we randomly found a shuttle that was heading there and barely made it on to the plane.