Future of Internet

Today I attended the “MSN Rabble”, where the Senior Vice President of MSN, David Cole, described his vision on what the division should work on. I did some thinking on what I thought the future of the internet might be, here it is:

  • Personal Content — blogs, self publishing and consuming other people’s and organization’s publication in a manner that relevant to you
  • Integrated Communication Universe — IMs, e-mail, voicemail all accessiable via one UI and integrated
  • Roaming — identical experience on the wire and off the wire. If you’ve used Outlook 2003, Cache Exchange mode gives a good look at where this area needs to go
  • Vector Graphics — think about Flash on steroids, but without all the nusiances revolving around it, operating seamless with bookmarks, email and data
  • Presence Awareness — when technology can locate you (in a safe/secure manner), this will open a world of possibilities that will make your physical context relevant. Imagine being able to roam your data to a park bench, find your friends at a mall or get personalized ads.
  • Unstructured data — make the databases/back end systems transparent to the user, treat data as data

Nothing really amazing or revolutionary here. It’s mainly the synthesis of the news, internet, work all put into one list.