Drug Control Ads

I’m ever amused by what the ONDCP and “Partnership for a Drug Free America” put out to try and stop illicit drug use. One that I heard this morning: “Did you know that in one joint there is 4 times the amount of cancer causing agents as in one cigarette?” Well, yes, actually, in fact I did. But did you think, that the people who smoke joints probably (a) smoke maybe one or two per sitting and (b) probably do that maybe two times a week. Therefore, over the course of a week, 4 cigarettes carcinogens equivalent/joint * 2 joints/smoking * 2 smoking sessions/week = 8 cigarettes. EIGHT CIGARETTES PER WEEK, people! That’s the equivalent. Many people smoke on the order of 20 – 30 cigs a day. Shut up ONDCP, you have no idea what you’re talking about.