I’ve spent the last two days in downtown Mumbai at my uncle and aunt’s place on the 12th floor of this phat flat. Finally found a camera charger in this dingly little gully, so I’ll be able to take pictures again and post when I’m back. Mom and sister did a lot of shopping and I learned that 0.5 caret diamonds (and below) are ridiclously cheap in India, about half the price they are in America because they’re cut here. We went out to a nice dinner at Khyber in downtown before heading back last night to Santa Cruz (where my grandma lives). When we got back I saw off my uncle and his family as they headed off to Sri Lanka for some sight seeing. Tonight we’re heading to Madras to say with some distant relative as a home base to visit some south Indian temples, such as Tiriputi. From there it’s on to New Delhi to stay with my aunt there, where my paternal grandparents are as well until the 22nd.

Also, of note, I’ve (well not really me, Jason and Kyle) have found a home in Sunnyvale that we’ll be renting starting August 1st.