You know, life is very hard. So very hard. I’m hanging out right now in my hotel room in the Ritz Carlton in Pasedena, waiting and relaxing until I go to dinner at the resturant here. After which, I’ll be going to an LA Kings hockey game. All on Microsoft’s dime. Why you may ask? Well, I’m at the Microsoft Research Univerity Relations California retreat, and this is where we’re hanging out. It’s a good time, and the Ritz is like a palace. Something straight out of a movie. Last night, I thought it would be cool to go have a drink at the bar at the Ritz, so I head down there at around 11PM after watching the Lakers lose and some TV. I must have been the youngest guy there by at least 5 years, not to mention the only guy there wearing denim. After looking at the Martini list (which started at $10), I ordered one, made some small talk with some people around me and then got the hell out of there. Very odd. I was so suprised to see at 11PM that the place was bumping.