It’s been nearly a month! Life has been horribly busy. What’s
new with me? Been working a lot on school, and particular Cognitive
Engineering. That class is consuming me. You can take a look at some
of the stuff we’ve done here.
They’re just work models, but it’s somewhat interesting to see a formal
model of how a classroom works. At the VA I’ve been working on developing
a anonymous list mailer, along with a self-describing survey generator
in Flash. The latter should be very cool, I’ll post about it later with
details on it and some sample XML. School is almost over, which means
that my Microsoft Consultant job is over, and I’ll be going to Mountain
View to work full-time over the summer in Hotmail. Anyway, there’s more
but life is too busy to ramble on. More updates will be coming, now
that I’ve finally gotten around to installing Dreamweaver on my computer