1.7.2002: John and Arthur at the now-bankrupt Orconet
Well, it has been over a month since I last updated my site! Nothing
particularly exciting happening in my corner of the United States. I
spent my holidays in Laguna Hills with my family and friends. I had
a smashingly good time with all of them and was more sad than usual
to have to leave for San Diego. School has started again, with lots
of neurobio, artificial intelligence, and perception to learn. Woo!
My friends (erm, Arthur and John) pointed out that my site is very nerdy.
I couldn’t agree more. They also noted that I need more pictures. That
is also true. So, here is a repeat, but it does include those two fools.
I’ve also updated my Terror2001
part of the site to include a footer on the bottom. How unexciting!