Opening the iPhone to Flash Developers

So wraps up a crazy hectic day today, where we announced that we were making available in Flash Pro CS5 the ability to create a native iPhone application. For those who know me, this has been my all consuming, all encompassing life for a long time now. We ran the project in super secret mode and I’m so excited as of today to be able to share it with everybody.

As expected, this has been huge news in the community and we’re really happy to see people getting as happy about it as we were building the product. Flash is still a trending topic on Twitter, 14 hours later.

As of today, seven applications are available in the Apple App Store for download that were built using this technology. For more info on how it all works, you can also read my article on Adobe Developer Connection. In a nut shell, we build native iPhone applications by compiling your ActionScript to native ARM assembly.

So, check out some of the apps, sign up for the beta, or visit for more information. It’s finally time to hit the hay here in LA and wake up to the next day of Adobe MAX 2009 (or as we’re calling it, the “bestmaxevar”).

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Flash Platform Services

We announced today the availability of a new set of Flash Platform Services, namely the Distribution service. There’s really no feeling like shipping software and I’m super excited to have this product out the door. The Distribution service, as a whole, allows publishers distribute content on the web, social networks and mobile devices. We heard time and time again that our customers love Flash, but getting their content seen and used was one of the biggest challenges they faced, both on the web and on mobile devices.

My team specifically worked on building the service that allows distribution to mobile phones. From a web app, a user can type in their mobile number and receive an SMS that allows them to install a platform specific version of their application.  We made it easy to drive mobile experiences that compliment publishers web experiences. It’s awesome.

Like all new products and even more so version one software, getting from concept to development to deployment and the sales cycle along the way is a tough but rewarding process. I want to congratulate the team for a fantastic job of shepherding the product though the stages and for shipping a great piece of software. There’s been really good coverage on the product, too. You can check out TechCrunch and The Register for their articles.

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