Track of the Week: Old School Caddy by Hit-Boy

This week’s track is Old School Caddy by Hit-Boy off of HITstory, featuring Kid Cudi. Last week I went to a show at The Independent, and the opening acts were all no-name/small-name hip hop acts, and almost nobody was there to see them (the venue filled up for the headliner). The feel reminded me of going small hip-hop shows at 4th and B in San Diego while I was in college, and when this track and album dropped, it reminded me so much of amazing indie hip-hop acts that are keeping the hustle alive. Looking at the collaborators on HITstory, it’s clear that Hit-Boy is no indie act and has all the friends to make a cross over album, but hot-damn, it feels good to listen to some fresh hip-hop. And this album is nothing if not fresh. Laid back production, jazz inspired, and this first lead off track sounds like it belongs on The Wood soundtrack.