Sencha Architect 2

The very first thing my boss at Sencha asked me to work on when I joined was: “figure out what we’re doing with Designer”. Having known nothing then and only a skeleton team we started to sketch out what would become Sencha Architect 2. That was a year ago, and thankfully we’ve been lucky enough to be joined at Sencha by a great team from engineering, to product management, to UX that made Sencha Architect 2 happen. It’s crazy to look back to see in the last year all the amazing products we’ve released, such as Sencha Touch 2, the preview of, and now Architect 2. It’s such a huge step forward for us and for the web.  I’ve been on the road demoing it at conferences and people go crazy when you see how easy it is to build an HTML5 app, which is a testament the work the team has put in to make the product easy and productive to use.