Track of the Week: D.D. by The Weeknd

This week’s track is D.D. by The Weeknd, off of Echoes of Silence. It’s a cover of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana, in a hauntingly simular delivery by The Weeknd. The track is less poppy and more ethereal with heavy synths covering filling in the sound and it’s also a bit slower compared to MJ’s original. I’m a new fan of The Weeknd (thanks Raz for the tip), who is somebody that apparently has been blowing up the indie R&B world since last year. Echoes of Silence is his third full length in 18 months, each one getting rave reviews from both the Pitchfork universe and the hip-hop universe. Having listened to two of the albums, I get what the hype is about. His music is different, and he can sing the hell out of his songs. I’m a bigger fan so far of the third, Echoes of Silence, versus House of Balloons, which seemed to have received the most acclaim. They’re all free downloads, and worth checking out.

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