Track of the Week: Flip Flop Rock (f. Killer Mike & Jay-Z) by OutKast

This week’s track is Flip Flop Rock (f. Killer Mike & Jay-Z) by OutKast, off of Speakerboxx/The Love Below. After seeing the Watch the Throne tour last week, I went through my entire music collection listening to every Jay-Z song I had, and this little gem turned up the Speakerboxx side of this album. The product is classic OutKast, turntables screeching, thumping synth-laden organic beats, and Big Boi’s signature quick-clip flow. Jay-Z does the hook on the song, as well as the closing verse. I don’t remember the song from when the album came out (I was always partial to GhettoMusik on Speakerboxx and My Favorite Things on The Love Below), but in relistening to the album it’s a great track and Jay-Z’s hook is fantastic.