Track of the Week: Weekend by Black Eye Peas

It’s Wednesday and I’m already ready for the Weekend, this week’s track from the Black Eye Peas’ Bridging the Gap. While typically I’d go on for a while waxing about why I like this particualr track, I think most people probably know this song. I’m going to spend a few inches lambasting the fall of one of the greatest acts in hip-hop.

I remember vividly when I went and saw BEP play  in 2001 at the University of San Diego. Live drum set, real instrumentation, a DJ, no Fergie and one of the highest energy shows I’ve ever seen. At the end of the show,, and Taboo were all outside signing autographs on ticket stubs and milling around. I wonder where my signed ticket stub is these days. I remember hearing BEP on Jurassic 5 and Ozo albums back then, all with innovative sounds and a positive message — very different than typical West Coast / LA rap.

Then came Fergie. And Where Is the Love. And My Humps. And the nail in the coffin, Boom Boom Pow. Look back at their track, Original, with these verses:

Many people can’t be real, so they gotta chase the steel
What the deal? Is it really all about the bills?
What’s the thrill? I’d rather have my soul fulfilled

So sad, that’s exactly what they’ve become.