Track of the Week: Dry Your Eyes by Wax Tailor

This week’s track is Dry Your Eyes featuring Sara Genn, off of Wax Tailor’s In The Mood for Life.

I haven’t heard much of Wax Tailor until I stumbled upon this album. In the mold of RJD2, he’s a French producer/DJ and on his album there are a variety of guest vocalists and a broad variety of hip hop styles.

Dry Your Eyes carries a trip-hop sound, much in the way Mono’s Life in Mono was. In many ways the song brings you back to a time when Sneaker Pimps were on the radio. That’s a large part of the reason I like the song, as all those trip-hop acts in the late 90s were making their mark on both electronica and hip hop.

Brooding and built in layers of a plucked guitar, a synth and ambient noises of what sounds like a playground, the track wanders through the lyrics. Sara Genn’s delivery of the chorus “Dry your eyes, those tears are all you’re given / It’s no surprise now, your heaven’s what you’re living in” is haunting (and somewhat depressing) over the strings.