Moving to WordPress

I moved my blog and my website today over to WordPress. I have it running on my Win2k3 server, running in IIS with PHP and MySQL installed. I had written my own blog software in 2002, named TalkOut, that ran From RedYawning, the RSS2 feed was syndicated over to I had started RedYawning to learn ASP.NET & C#. The site ran but I haven’t had any time to put in to it in the last two or three years. There were definitely bugs plus a set of newer blogging standards (like spam protection) that I would never have the time to keep up with, thus I decided to move over to WordPress.

So far, WordPress has been an awesome experience. I exported my entire old blog as an RSS feed, then imported it in to WordPress. Like that, my entire blogging history from January 2001 to today (719 posts) from my old blog were now in my WordPress instance. I installed a few plug ins and picked a theme, and it ready to go. Overall, a very good OOBE.

Hopefully now with a new blogging platform, one that’s more scalable and more integrated in to the rest of my online experience (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc), I’ll post a bit more. Looking through my blogging history, I was most active in early 2005. These days, I find myself using Twitter much more often.