New Music Monday

I’ve picked up a bunch of new music in the last few months and thought I’d share some thoughts on a few albums.

  • Metallica – Death Magnetic: I love this album. Feels angry, feels energetic and raw. Highly suggested.
  • John Legend – Evolver: outside of the radio hit Green Light, the rest of the album is pretty standard John Legend. That’s not to say it’s not good, it’s just expected. Worth getting if you’re a fan.
  • Flobots – Fight With Tools: very good, classic sounding hip-hop. Interesting lyrics, good beats. The standout track for me is Never Had It.
  • The Game – LAX: awful album. Don’t buy this. Doctor’s Advocate was a legitimate retake on West Coast rap that takes you back to the last revival (aka Dre’s 2001 and when Eminem showed up), but this is just awful.
  • Ratatat – LP3: the latest Ratatat is less dance-y, but same downbeat eletronica with catch tunes and interesting sound.
  • RJD2 – Magnificent City Instrumentals: bought this on inspiration from the intro sequence to Mad Men (A Beautiful Mine). Fantastic album, all instrumental tracks. One of my favorite pick ups in this batch.
  • 高杉さと美 – RELATION ~あの風を辿って~: bought this album in Tokyo simply based on the attractive nature of the singer, Satomi Takasugi. While I don’t understand a word that she’s singing, the underlying instrumentation is enjoyable and it’s a good listen. Plus the CD came with an instrumental version of every track. Cool, huh?
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