Arrived in Korea

I landed in Seoul today after a 12-ish hour non-stop flight from San Francisco. I’m here in Korea and later this week in Japan to test a couple product concepts we’re working on with possible customers and partners before we begin to get way deep in the product development “cycle”. It’s a process called SyncDev, the premise of which is to test your product ideas before you build the product.

I’ve never been to Korea before so this it’s pretty exciting to be out here. After we checked in, we went out to eat at a hotpot-ish place down the road from the hotel. We though we ordered a hotpot with veggies and stuff to put in to the pot, but instead came out a pile of sizzling meat. Not good. The waitress, who shared a glass of beer with us asked us were we were from in very broken English and it turns out she was from China.

Obviously, I took advantage of this and was able to explain to her in Chinese that I needed some veggies and rice and other good stuff. Who knew knowing some Chinese would come in handy in Korea? Instead of starving, I managed to get a good tasty meal in.

We start our customer meetings at 10am tomorrow, so I’m of to bed but I’m looking forward to seeing Seoul in the day light.