Adobe’s Open Screen Project

I don’t write a lot about what I’m doing at Adobe and it’s mostly since I’m working on projects that are not released yet and are still under development. However, today we announced the Open Screen Project, a cross industry effort to bring Flash and Flash technologies to more screens.

A the basic level, the next release of our Flash player runtime for devices (e.g. mobile phones, mobile internet devices, televisions, etc, etc) will be free. On top of that, we’re dropping license restrictions on the SWF format (the file that Flash runs on).

Personally, I think this is really cool. It allows people in the creative community to know that Adobe is commited to putting our player and client technologies on devices across all the places where people will want a rich and expressive experience. It’ll help get on the path to have a consistent experience for developers and creative professionals regardless if they’re developing for a desktop/web site, a mobile phone, a Chumby, or whatever other device Flash might run on.