Work and Gambling

originally posted 27 November 2006, 9:22am

Quick update from Macau. Last night went gambling some in the Sands Casino (Jin Sha in Chinese). Went in with 1000 HKD and left with 350 HKD playing roulette. Today was work, work lunch, work dinner, and then went to the Wynn Casino with some coworkers and played roulette again. I ran in to a bunch of people from today’s training around the Wynn gambling. Started with 1000 HKD again, got down to 100 HKD, then up to 7000 HKD and ended up leaving the table with about 3000 HKD, so net profit there.

Not sure I’ll play again tomorrow night, since I’ve got my fill of gambling in the last two nights. The Wynn here is really nice. Not as big as the one in Vegas, but more of it is under construction in all directions (it just opened in September). There’s a nonsmoking section, to boot. Imagine that, in China of all place, a non-smoking section to game. Unlike the Wynn in Vegas, there is almost no entertainment and the shopping mall areas is 1/10th the size of the size in Vegas.

Tomorrow more of this training and I’m sure more of the same large amount of Microsoft propagandization. Then off to Hong Kong on Wed (or maybe Tuesday night if I feel up to it).