The OCI Process, Part Y of Y

I received a call yesterday from the Indian Consulate in Shanghai saying my OCI application had been approved and the documents had arrived from New Delhi. So I went this morning with my passport and they affixed the sticker to my American passport as well as gave me my “Certificate of Registration Overseas Citizen of India.” It’s not a travel document (e.g. I can’t visit Cuba on it) but it does for the purpose of all things India related act as a green card/citizenship-lite.

Strangely enough, the paperwork has printed on it my job title and my current address. That’s odd considering the paperwork has lifelong validity and it’s certain that both of those will change in the course of my life.

In terms of application time, it ended up taking almost exactly as long as the forums mentioned. I submitted my paperwork on 14 September 06 and all the stuff was received back at the consulate on the 16th of November, thus about two months, including the photo snafu. I’d honestly expected the process to take another two months after resubmitting the new photos.

 Aditya, now with 100% more citizen: