Finding an Urban Oasis: Fuxing Xi lu

In the hustle and bustle of Shanghai it’s often hard to find any peace and quiet on the street let alone an avenue that’s enjoyable to take a walk on. I stumbled on to an incredible urban oasis on Sunday. I tried out a new yoga studio at Fuxiing Xi Lu and Huashan Lu. The studio is in a beautiful 1930s building that houses a few small boutiques, a cafe and the yoga studio. After the class, I walked along Fuxing Xi Lu until it became Fuxing Zhong Lu.

The street is lined with trees on both sides that arch together to nearly form a canopy across the center and there are all kinds of boutique shops like Madam Mao’s Dowry and Ginger, a cafe. Interestingly enough, some of the stores had full gardens behind them which was wholly shocking. I’d highly recomend starting at Huashan Lu and walking down for half and hour or so until the roar of the traffic reminds you that you’re in Shanghai.