That New Office Smell

Our team relocated from one skyscraper in Xujiahui to one across the street and it’s fantastic. Our old building, Metro City (美罗城) was in a bad state with poor ventilation, small desks and it was super crowded. Our new building, Grand Gateway 2 (港汇广) is the 71st tallest building in the world (how very exciting) and it’s a awesome building. While we occupy lower floor of this building than the old one, there’s less street noise and the work conditions are much better as well.

Bigger cubes, more offices, more conference rooms, and cleaner facilities. I swear there’s a two minute interval at which the glass inside the building is wiped over by somebody. And the best part? It’s a lot more quiet on the inside and it feels like the new digs have people more energized. I wouldn’t have realized it but the quality (and/or) newness of the office really does drive some level of inspiration.