Does your VP Wear a Suit?

I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews recently and had a good friend go through a set of interviews in the Valley which got me thinking if I was actually a candidate, what would I be asking to my interviewer. Some of the obvious questions came to mind would have been “where will this job be in X years” or “what are the companies long term grown plans”, etc, etc. But none of them really go to the heart of what I would want to know about a potential employer: Does your VP wear a suit? Sounds like a bizarre question, but it speaks directly to the age, vitality and culture of a company. Yes? I’m probably not interested in working there. You’d have to throw a whole lot of money at me to make it appealing to work in that kind of a company. No? I’m starting to like the way you think. Your company knows that dressing up for work doesn’t make things happen. Sure, go ahead and dress up when you’re speaking the press (maybe), but in the office, or addressing your troops I’d rather work for the guy who worried about the product than his looks. So, does your VP wear a suit?