It’s been a few weeks but I’m now back in Shanghai. My trip to the states was great. Outside of spending a lot of time in the office catching up with folks, I got to see a lot of friends and enjoy my time in SF. I spent last week at my parents house in the east coast before the big snow storm hit and did a day in NYC, seeing the Guggenheim with my mom and had dinner with Derek. I went back to SF for the weekend, had an excellent dinner at Bacar, hung out with friends and watched copious amounts of Olympics on TV. I flew out Sunday afternoon and got back to China Monday night and am now back in the office, back to the grind.

It’s a bit odd being back again, yet strangely familiar. One of the more interesting things is the reverse sticker shock. When I went back to the states, the prices for food and such seemed so hight, and now being back food seems so cheap. I had breakfast today for something like $0.40. We have a bunch of folks in town this week and next to kick off some projects so it’s going to be quite busy which is always a good way to get back in to the swing of things.