Train to Suzhou

I’d blogged earlier about the way to board trains here and I’ve finally uploaded my pictures from the trip, so I thought I’d share some here to put it in context.

After buying a ticket, you’re sent to another door, where the queuing area and platform indicators are:

Once you find the platform you then sit in the waiting area which is above the platform. Over to the right (not pictured) is a bathroom and drinking water area. There were tons of people inside filling up instant noodle cups with the hot water.

The platform:

Once the boarding starts (which is when the train has arrived), there’s a massive surge of humanity towards the staircase and people quickly make their way in to the train:

It’s very unlike any train boarding procedures I’ve done elsewhere, but it’s probably necessary since you have so many millions of people using the trains on a regular basis.

The picture gallery from Suzhou is online now, if you want to see the city as well.