Today has been a marathon day of interviewing: I did two PM interviews and one dev interview. While we’re interviewing and hiring at a breakneck speed today was an exception. I’ve now interviewed more candidates than I can remember for PM, dev and test jobs. The rate at which we’re talking to candidates is pretty exciting but it can get really tiring really quickly. You need to continually be the face of the company to a candidate, while at the same time trying to evaluate the candidate and see if they’ll make a good fit. It’s a bit more interesting here since English is never the first language thus there are often times some level of language barriers to cross as well.

The resumes we get are different in some aspects from the ones in the states, as well. For starters, you normally get it in both Chinese and English (and the English isn’t always perfectly comprehensible). Plus, the resumes normally include information that’d never show up in the US, such as party affiliation (I’ll let you, the astute reader, guess what party they list), gender, birth date. Stuff like that would never ever appear on a resume in the states but here its commonplace to have it listed right next to the candidates name. Interestingly enough, those items never made it on to the English version of the resume.