Chinese Residence Permit

I went today to Pudong to finish the final step of my paperwork to live and work in China, my residence permit. To get to this point, I’ve had to get my Temporary Residence Certificate from the police office, a health examination (which included an ultrasound, x-rays, and blood tests), and my work permit (which allows me to work in China). The “Entry-Exit Bureau of Shanghai” is in Pudong, about 40 minutes by taxi from my office. After the very long taxi ride, we went to the third floor, filled out a bunch of paperwork then waited another hour until our number was called. The delta in the numbers that were being called when we arrived and the one that was handed to us was about 150. The strangest part was when I actually made it to the front, the process took all of two minutes. Now I wait 5 business days until I get my residence permit.