And So It Begins, from Narita

I’m in Tokyo, on my way to Shanghai, this time for good. The reality of it all is settling in, slowly for sure, but settling all the same. I was thumbing through my passport (which now boasts 24 additional pages) and recounted each visit out. What a wild ride. I love this airport. It’s amazing, as you look out the windows of all the big-tops that come in and go out every minute, as wall as the sheer number that are parked at the gates. From my viewing angle, I can see no fewer than five.

My flight from here to Shanghai is on a 747. My last time out, on the return flight to the states, I had the luxury to fly on the upper deck of a 747-200. It’s something else, it’s really as if you’re the only one up there, in a lounge of your own. I arrive in Shanghai Saturday night (China time) and hopefully will have DSL setup on Sunday. The installer is supposed to arrive between 8AM and 11AM and hopefully I’ll be able to communicate enough to get myself setup!