War Room For Windows Live Mail

As Windows Live Mail Beta comes to life today, there’s a lot of cordination that has to happen across all the live properties. To help make our small slice of it happen, our team has been gathered in our Flame conference room all morning and in to the afternoon, laptops in tow to do the work required to ship this beta. We call this type of meeting a war room: it’s basically a place where all stakeholders gather and are available during the day to ensure quick action and that things happen on time.

On the projector on the wall is the list of events that happend today, scheduled down to to the 5-minute level, with owner and current status. In the room are members of the QA team, dev team, release engineering team, operations team, and program managment team. Each team has some some job or task that’s required to execute on the plan (from pushing configuration, to verifying code, to debugging machines, etc). Also in the middle of the room is a Polycom phone bridge that’s set up to connect the war room with the Service Operations Center (SOC) in Redmond, along with anybody else who wanted to call in during the day.

Also as the picture shows, there’s plenty of food, drinks and candy to fuel the forces through the day. 🙂

Windows Live Mail Warroom