Kahuna Makes Slashdot

Paul Thurrott’s review of Kahuna was Slashdotted. The comments in the Slashdot thread are full of the usual punditry and provide for a totally amusing read at (a few) people saying they welcome the change and change is good to (a lot of) people saying they hate Microsoft, Hotmail is evil, banner ads will soon take up the whole site, etc. The press embargo on Kahuna was lifted yesterday as we begin to expand the beta and you see a bit of the press coverage here.

If you’re interested, join on the waitlist.

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meebo for Instant Messaging

meebo is a great little AJAX IM client application. It works for simultaneous login to AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo and MSN all at once and functions like a desktop where you are logged in to all the protocols at once. It works great at home, where the Messenger client often fails to be able to send messages after being online for a few minutes while the meebo client works without fail.

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Webservers Like Disk Space

RedYawning and my blog have been on the fritz the last few days, sometimes coming and and failing after a few minutes and other times just not starting up at all with odd ASP.NET errors. I looked at my server yesterday and realized there was only about 8K of disk space left on the box. After I nuked some logs and freed up a gig and a half, the machine is running swimmingly. Moral of the story? Webservers like disk space. Especially something like ASP.NET since it’s recompiling files whenever it gets reset and needs to keep them somewhere.

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Kayaking in Sausalito

On Sunday we went kayaking in Sausalito, from the Marina area to around the downtown area and back. It was a lot of fun and a bit more challenging than in the bay near San Francisco. The water was choppier and there’s quite a bit more of boat traffic to navigate with, plus I got to try a dry launch. Larry Ellison’s Japanese warship yacht was parked right next to the launch point, which is a monstrous looking ship that looks like it should have battle cannons on its hull.

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