Busy Two Days in Shanghai

The last two days here have been hectic. The entire group for this trip is now in town so we’ve got quite a lot of people here. On Sunday, we checked out Yu Gardens, I think near old town Shanghai. While it seems mostly reconstructed, it’s a beautiful old Chinese garden from the mid 16th (or so) century and a beautiful hideaway from the horns and skyscrapers of the rest of Shanghai. Here are the pictures.

We also made a trip to the Shanghai market where I bought a bunch of pens for friends back home and general fun and havoc was caused by having playing the negotiation game. After a while you’re really only haggling over 50 cents or a dollar, but it’s the principle of the matter that counts. Some pictures of the market. After the market, there was some more massages that took place and some food, of course we fit in a couple hours at the bars on Heng Shan Road on Sunday night and Monday night. Somewhere in there we managed to get some sleep and show up to work.