The Zen of Zero Email Bounce

On the train home today I hit for the first time in as long as I can remember Zero Email Bounce. For those of you who deal with a deluge of mail, you know that it’s a zen moment. So zen, that I acutally had nothing to do with my laptop, so I closed it and stared out the window as the train rolled past South City.

To boot, in today’s case I hit the pinacle of ZEB with no mail whatsoever in my inbox. I have proof:

It’s incredibly bizzare to have no email in your inbox. I found myself constantly hitting Ctrl-Shift-I to see what else I had to deal with, but nothing showed up. In fact, the first few times I thought I’d forgotten what the inbox keyboard short cut was and that Outlook was broken. Of course this moment only lasted for ten minutes until I synced back up at the free wifi spot at the station allowing having some 11 new mails to pour in from the 1.5 hours I was offline. But as of 11:15PM, I’m back down to one.