Hotmail’s 9th Birthday

Also on Hotmail news, July 4th, 2005 is Hotmail’s 9th birthday, having opened it’s doors on that very day in 1996. Happy birthday to my employer (or really, my small division of Microsoft)!

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Omar blogged on Boomerang, a technology that we developed at Hotmail to verify that replies to emails you send out from Hotmail make it back to your inbox and not in your Junk folder. I’ll spare you the details since Omar does an excellent job of describing it, but it was a great project to be a part of: it started with Eliot dropping in my office saying he had an idea to knocking it out in the “vNexts” of all our Hotmail components. A simple technology that has a long of bang for the development buck.

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In Kensington

Not Kensington, London, but Kensington San Diego. We’re in SD at Dan’s new place in the awesome little neighbourhood of Kensington, a walking distance from the downtown drag of Ken, including the Ken Cafe, the Ken movie theater, the Ken Grill, and all things Ken (very unique on the names, they are here). Yesterday we toured the neighbourhood area, had lunch at Dumpling Inn, met up with lots of old friends for dinner (at Green Tomato), watched a midnight movie at the Ken, and stayed up till 4 talking. Today we’re heading to Balboa Park, then to the beach afterwards.

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