Two New CDs

Two new albums purchaced this weekend:

  • Be by Common
    I picked this one up by accident. At Virgin, I walked up to the listening station for the new Gorillaz CD, and started to listen to “it.” After rocking the first track I noticed the MC did not sound at all like Del and realized they’d mixed up the display, putting the Common album in the Gorillaz player and vice versa. I’ve never been a big fan of Common, none of his albums ever found their way in to my collection. I appreciated his prowess as an MC and understood why he’s well respected in the hip-hop community. The album takes Common’s lyrics and mixes them with the smooth production of Kanye. It’s most definitly a departure from the pure delivery and lyricsm of the Common from the past, but it’s a winner of an album by bringing his music more mainstream without selling out (read: BEP)
  • Remixed by Bebel Gilberto
    The downtempo mixes of Gilberto’s first album. Smooth production, slick beats and loungy remixes make this better than the original. I know that’s sacrilegious, but my first experience with Bebel Gilberto was Tanto Tempo, and hearing the eponymously named album after it was a dissapointment. The remix kicks it up by adding a level of intensity that was missing.