Saturday in San Juan Bautista

I spent Saturday afternoon in San Juan Bautista, a small town that is home of the Franciscan mission of the same name. It’s a cute location, with a washed out main street, full of shops with curios and an odd mix of resturants. I had my first experience with El Salvadorian food (popusas) there. It wasn’t great, but I think that’s more due to the establishment. There are a few Salvadorian places in the Mission (SF) that I’ll do a retry at.

The at Mission (Bautista) was beautiful and well preserved. I can’t recall if I’d been to this mission before. One of my father’s goal’s in life, I think, is to see very California mission so I’ve seen nearly every mission except two or three. The garden in the center was a great spot to get some beautiful pictures of flowers and tilework on the benches. Pictures here.