Flight to Newark

On the 10PM flight out last night, I was hoping to go up to the counter and get a first class upgrade. No luck, so I sat down in the waiting lobby. A few moments later, the boarding process started, with them calling out the rows for the elites. Calling out the rows! Apparently over 2/3 of the passengers had elite status, so they had to do row by row boarding. I guess that’s what you get on a weekday trip out to a NYC area airport.

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I Hate Alaska Airlines

For the last four times that I’ve flown Alaska from Seattle to San Francisco, my return flight from Seattle has been delayed. It’s ridiculous, incessant, and incredibly annoying. The first time by around half and hour (the 6PM SEA – SFO). The middle two times by six hours (also the 6PM) and last night by an hour and a half (the 9PM). It’s always due to some aircraft maintenance problem or some thing like that. Last night, the fire warning light in one of the cargo holds was broken. I’ve undoubtedly had my worst on-time experience, ever, flying Alaska. Tonight I’m on a Continental flight to Newark, this flight, the 10PM SFO-EWR, in the three times or so that I’ve flown it has always been on time. For that matter, I think my return flights from EWR to SFO have always been on time to, so there’s no excuse for Alaska to blame it on their hub. This is nearing the last straw for me, if they don’t shape up I’m going to have to start forgoing the miles (Alaska to Northwest) and fly United.

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Epicness of the Last Couple Weeks

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. The weekend after I got back from vacation, I went to Vegas with all my friends from high school. It was an epic weekend of gambling, partying, dancing and fun. Lots of choice moments, such as Swapan’s ever classic “Keep the change” line. The next weekend was Ami’s birthday and lots of our friends from San Diego, LA, and the Bay Area made it up to come out and have fun. It was great to see both sets of my best friends in two sebsequent weekends. Now, it’s time to calm life down and get back to other things. Although, this week is just as crazy. I left last night for Seattle/Redmond and I’m here today and tomorrow. I fly out Wednesday night, and on Thursday, I head off to New Jersey through Sunday to visit my family.

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