12 Angry Men and a Visit Home

On Saturday my parents and I drove to Jersey City to take a PATH train to Manhattan. Jersey City, especially the part around the Holland Tunnel is nasty. It looks like South SF but way worse. We made our way to the 33rd Street station which oddly enough, empties out in to a mall and walked over to the American Airlines Theatre to catch our matinee of 12 Angry Men. The theater was quite nice and the play was fantastic, great acting and a well done (if minimalist) set. The energy of the dialogue and drama kept me engaged the whole way through.

After seeing the play we took the subway to Greenwich Village, starting at Washington Square Park and walking around the streets, making our way eventually to Bleeker Street and touring the area. It was a nice time spent in the Village, after which we got on the PATH train at Christopher Street, and went back to New Jersey.

My flight back from Newark was uneventful (and on time, take that Alaska!). No upgrade again, I think the plane was again packed full of elites. I finished reading Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. It took me a while to get through, but the book was fantastic, a great memoir of life in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It also left me inspired to pick up some Austin, Nabokov or some Fitzgerald. Perhaps I’ll make one of theirs my next novel.