Talking at the Sunnyvale Senior Center

On Friday, my coworker went to the Sunnyvale Senior Center to do a community service project to help people spring clean their computers (e.g. install all the service packs, anti-virus, etc). She asked me to come along since they’d probably ask questions about Hotmail and the like and so I went. Turned out to be very rewarding. After she did her thing about her spring cleaning project, I joined her in the front of to field questions about MSN and Hotmail. It’s really interesting to see the different perspectives others have on our products. We fielded questions such as: “is Hotmail free” or “where do I go to get Hotmail” or “can I use Hotmail with Outlook”. It was great to hear what people had to think and to get to talk about our product with people (far) outside the industry.