Friday in the Marais

After sleeping a solid 12 hours and waking up at 11AM, we made our way to the Marais, soaking in the beautiful stores, the gorgeous stores, and the rain. We walked aimlessly through streets in the 3rd, eventually deciding to make our way over to the Picasso Museum. The museum was enormous, the largest single collection of Picasso works ranging from his paintings to sketchbooks to sculptures, as well as the works of some of his contemporaries. After finishing the museum, we made our way to a cafe, and after sitting for about half an hour over a tea and et un cafe (espresso), it started to drizzle, thus forcing us to move on. We decided to head over to Place Vosges and walked around the square and sat in the park, thankfully full of sun and no rain.

We continued our aimless meander and ended up around Republique around the time we were supposed to head back to the Ile to meet my sister, so we hopped on the metro and went back. At the Ile, we had some more to drink at a cafe facing Pont Saint Louis after which we made the obligatory stop to Berthillon. I ordered a mint, Ami a blood orange, and my sister a cinnamon. There’s nothing quite as unique, tasty, fresh and fantastique as Berthillon ice cream. Once we’d gorged ourselves on ice cream, we came back to my sister’s place to meet a few of her friends to head to dinner. We went to a Mexican place near the Pigalle (I think) for my sister to get a little taste of home. The worst service ever, but the food wasn’t half bad. I had an interesting rendition of an enchilada, which was served in a bowl, almost as a cheese, tortilla, and pico de gallo soup.

When dinner was over, we headed back to the Ile, changed, and walked over to the Louvre, to head to Cabaret, a happening Paris mega-club about at 1AM. It’s in a bizarre location, pretty much within a mall. It’s a great model of how I’d want to open a club at the Metreon (which is lacking a vendor at the 4th and Mission entrance). We had a good time dancing and making fun of the French dance. At around 4AM, we left the spot and crashed.