The Demise of the Lakers

I was my first Lakers game in a while last night on TNT. It’s quite a pathetic thing to watch. A team once made up of Shaq, Kobe, D. Fish, Horry, Fox (my fab-5) with the coaching of Phil has been reduced to a sham that has Luke Walton starting. It’s sad to see the team in such a pittyful state. I, as a fan with faith, will hold out for better times but as of watching the game last night and keeping an eye on their stats, I wouldn’t be suprised if they miss out on the playoffs this year.  I also caught a part of the highlight reel of LeBron play, man that kid is a baller. He just needs to get rid of his face mask otherwise I’m soon going to switch to calling him maskie.

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My Computador Es En Fuego

My desktop computer almost caught on fire yesterday at work. It started smelling like burn in my office so I started sniffing around the hallway and then all the electronics in my office and I found the smell coming from my computer case. I turned the machine off to prevent an actual fire (computers burst in to flames every now and thing around here, it’s a job hazard) and called our help desk. They called me back and left a hilarous message. Good times had by all (as Pablo would say).

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