Anon Is Sick

We picked up Anon (our pet turtle) after he’d been turtle-sat from our vacation. When we got him back, his eyes looked inflamed and had a clear, puss-ish looking lid over them. We called the pet store we used to go to in San Diego (Pet Kingdom — it’s an awesome place, locally owned) who suggested that he may have an eye infection, so we ended up calling around a bunch of places in SF to find if any carried around eye drops and ended up finding a place in Daly City. Administring eye drops to a turtle is quite a bit better than you might think it is. I ended up holding him mid air while Ami droped the drops over him. He hardly flinched. It’s been two nights of doing this and his eyes look better. The wierd looking lids don’t show up any more when he blinks (which makes me think they’re not inflamed any more) but when open, his eyes still do look a little puffy. He’s still not eating too well, but hopefully his appetite will improve in a few days.