BART Connecting to SFO is Brain Damaged

Have you ever taken BART in to SFO? It’s awesome that it connects to the airport now but as could be expected from public transit in the United States, it’s brain damaged. Coming across the freeway, where the 101 and 380 combine there is one track that goes over the concrete jungle. ONE TRACK? Wait, wait. Let me back up a minute. First of all, the connection to SFO from BART is a one-off line. It’s not part of any loop. From all city trains you have to get on the SFO train (and not, mind you, the Milbrae train, since those trains end at Milbrae, a whole one stop from SFO). While that’s brain damaged in it’s own right, worse yet is that freeway crossing — there’s only one track. That means that if there is a train leaving the airport, the one on the other side of the freeway has to stop and wait for the airport side one to cross and vice versa. Brain damaged.