It All Heads South

Passed out depressed at 4:30 GMT, woke up depressed at 9:30 GMT. Here is how I sum it up:

  • Damn you, Florida, for turning red at the last minute and cronyism with your electoral system,
  • Damn you, Ohio, for your insignificant state holding the balance of power for the entire world in your hands,
  • Damn you, Nader, for stealing enough votes to again having made the difference in a few states,
  • Damn you Democrats for screwing this up for the rest of us,
  • And finally, damn you, America, for supporting a man who lied to the country to send your citzenry to its death in war and not holding him accountable for it. You’ve impeached a man that’s lied about his sex life, but you let slide a war criminal.

 This blog post sums my feelings up now. Perhaps I’ll just stay in Europe and not return.