Return to San Diego

Last weekend Ami and I made it back to San Diego. We stayed in the W San Diego and on Friday night our friends met us at the Beach Bar. Nearly everybody we know in San Diego managed to show up, which was absoultly awesome and we had a great time hanging out, catching up and basically being stupid with our friends.

Saturday we woke up way late and ended up going to Balboa Park. We saw the Museum of San Diego as well as the Timken Musuem of Art. After the park, we went and picked up Shane from Dan’s place and headed over to Dumpling Inn to get dinner to go. From the Inn, we went over to CLICS at UCSD, where we met Dan for a play/reading. Being back on campus was incredibly bizare, a very surreal experience. The play/reading was excellent, it was done by a member of the faculty and was the memoirs and poems of a young British soilder in World War I. Apres, we went over to Dan’s pad in Hillcrest, which I should say has an excellent location and is an awesome bachlor pad. We watched Chungking Express, by Wong Kar-Wai, which I realized half way through I’d seen before with John and Arthur. Austin came over for a little bit and passed out and after the time the movie ended we all headed home.

Sunday was spent doing our annual trip to Julian. As the pictures show, the weather was miserable and we all nearly froze. We ran in to a super-senior who was out collecting campaign donations for Kerry. Shane tried to give a dollar, but that unfortunatly wasn’t good enough. A couple of cups of cider and apple pie later we left and went back to San Francisco.