I’m a Traveling Man (in November)

Note on the title: I saw Mos Def in concert last Tuesday night in Santa Cruz. Amazing show and Mos was an angry black man, talking about reperations and the like. Very fun.

I’m heading back to London on October 31st for work. I’ll be spending a week in London, then going to Paris for the weekend to visit my sister and then to Dublin for some meetings, departing November 10th. I’m quite excited for the trip, there’s been a lot of really amazing progress with us working with the team in London and now a small group of us are heading over to get really detailed and specific. Dublin hosts our localization team, who are consumers of one of the major things I ‘own’ at Hotmail, so it’ll be great to see their perspective on the this stuff. Plus, I’ve never been to Dublin before and if lucky, I’ll try to take a day off to check out the city and hopefully some of Ireland.

Next week, I’m also in Seattle (Redmond, really) for two days to continue the work and progress we’re making with some teams in the mother ship as well as to meet some vendors. Exciting times at work. Also, Jeff just bought a three bedroom condo in Bellvue, which I’m hoping I’ll get to see. Can you believe it? I’ve known Jeff since high school and now he owns a home. He used to drive a mini-van.