Working in London & the Southbank

I spent all day yesterday in meetings in the MSN office. Got lots of good working done. In the evening, I met my cousin Deepak at Waterloo station and we went out ot his house in the greater London area (can’t remember its name now) and met his parents and my other aunt and uncle. Good to see family as always and dinner was great. Spent today working on catching up on mail and in the afternoon went to the Saatchi Gallery on the Southbank of London. Southbank is interesting, I’ve never really spent any time there. It was incredibly windy, at times I was almost knocked over and more that once I had my entire body swayed by the wind’s force. The gallery was very interesting, it’s dedicated to new artists and had a lot of odd pieces such as: a formladahyde preserved sheep, a room half full of motor oil with a walkway out in to the middle, a self-portrait ‘sculpture’ of an artist made of his own blood in a refridgerator, amonst other things. Pictures are here. For a late lunch, I grabbed my London pub favoriate, a spicy bean burger at a local pub near Leicester Square. I went back to my hotel room and dug myself back in to mail. Tonight Megan and I are going to see the Jerry Springer Opera, a musical comedy that’s got all the rave reviews and is one of the hottest tickets in London right now. Tomorrow I head off to Paris via the incredibly inconvienent Luton.