Three Countries in 10 Hours

Estonia, Finland and London. A page later in my passport, I’m in London. Spent the morning walking around beautiful Tallinn as I wrote about yesterday. I met Megan at noon in the Town Square and we did the highlights of Tallinn along with some shopping. At the risk of sounding repetitive, Tallinn is beautiful. Based on what I read, it seems like there’s a lot to be seen in terms of forestry and nature in the rest of Estonia as well. At 3pm, we left Tallinn via ferry and made it back to Helsinki, repacked some of our bags, and then headed over to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to catch our flight to London. After spending too much time chatting, we almost missed out flight and barely made it to the gate as they were calling “Passsenger Bansod, please make your way to the gate”.

Going through London imigration was a breeze and we ended up taking a taxi (man, oh, man was that expensive) to our hotel (Saint Martin’s Lane, quite snazzy) since my feet had blisters like you wouldn’t belive and Megan had luggage of volume unhead of. After settling in to the hotel, I did some walking around outside since I’m only 2 blocks from Trafalger’s Square and Nelson’s Column. Amazingly enough, this is all so familar these days. I was at that same spot a year ago, and I remembered a bunch of the tube stations and locations (e.g. where Kensington was, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park, etc) from the many times I’ve been to London in the past as the taxi drove us through town. Today is chock full of meetings with the teams at the Microsoft office in town, then I’m meeting Deepak and family afterwards for dinner/etc. My aunt & uncle from Delhi are in town, so it seems like the starts have aligned so I can see a lot of family while I’m here.

Pictures from Helsinki, Tallinn at night, and Tallinn by day.