Left London, Now In Paris

Where did I leave off? Oh, the Jerry Springer Opera. Turned out to be really funny, it was about a bad day in the life of Jerry Springer and involved some really funny songs and an uncessary plot. There were times when I was brought to tears (from laughter, not drama, mind you). That ended Tuesday.

Wednesday, I was off to Paris. To get there, I think I used nearly every form of transportation known to man: the Tube (Picadilly – Kings Cross), the foot (Kings Cross – Saint Pancreas, because of construction), the train (Saint Pancreas – London Luton Airport Parkway), the bus (London Luton Airport Parkway – London Luton Airport), the airplan (London Luton – Paris Charles de Gaulle), and the RER (Charles de Gaulle – Cite Universitare). I’m never flying out to Luton again, it’s so out of the way. Terminal 3 at CDG is pretty junky as well, they have no jetways, it’s all bus and totally designed for low-cost carriers (e.g. easyJet). In any case, Wednesday was good. I met my sister at Cite and we then went over to her new apartment on Quai d’Anjou, which is right on the Sein. The location is amazing. You walk out on the the road and see Notre Damn. In the evening, we went out to a bar with some of her friends from her classes, all of which were nice and cool people. It’s awesome to be able to have a drink with an Austrian, a Spaniard, a German, an American, and a Dutch all at the same time.

I went today to Musee Rodin in the morning and got lost in the afternoon trying to find Sciences Po. After much headache, a totally paining and sore left calf (for some unknown reason) and a lot of walking, I managed to find the place. We bought a comfortor for her new bed, then I went to one of her lectures and fell asleep. After that, we went back to Quai d’Anjou, rested for a bit and then went out with some of her other friends for dinner. After sitting and enjoying a 3 hour Indian meal in the Latin Quarter, we came back to Cite via RER, which happened to break down right before Cite. The conductor got us off the train, and one of the guys who was stranded with us flagged down the next RER B that was coming, and it stopped to let the 15 of us get onboard. Now I’m back in Cite and going to help my sister move her stuff from the dorm to the flat. No pictures to post, since I haven’t had proper access with my own laptop.