I’m in Tallinn, Estonia, Would You Believe It?

Man, typing on these European keyboards is difficult. I made it to Tallinn last night at 930pm. Megan and I spent the morning of Saturday sight seeing through Helsinki the last remaining things that we wanted to see. We split ways at around noon, and I went to Stockmanns and got a book and a copy of Time Magazine (for easy lunch reading). I went over to this place called WineDeli on the Esplande and planted my self with a glass of pinot grigo, a goat chese and olive sandwich and a magazine. After sitting and reading for about an hour, I ran in to Minna and her cousin, so they joined me for a drink before head back out to do their own things. After I had finished reading, I went over and did some shopping to take back home and ended up running in to Minna again on my way to find a park bench to read at. We had already made plans (Megan, Minna and myself) to meet up at 5pm, and it was something like 430 at that point, so we went over to the hotel where we were meeting Megan. Make a long story short, Megan fell sick and had been lying down since we split ways. After some discussion, I decided to make the trip to Tallinn myself and for Megan to meet me in the morning.

So, I took the ferry to Tallinn. I must say, this place is UNBELIVABLE. It is so georgous here, it’s beyond compare. The hotel I am staying in is built in to an old Medevial structure. Tallinn Old Town at night is one of the most spectacular sights I’ve ever seen. The whole city is lit up in beautiful lighting and makes the streets seem even more hallowed. I spent last night just walking the streets, taking pictures, popping in to bars, drinking some local beer and cider, eating some cake for a dinner. It was the most wonderful experience. If anybody is ever in the Nordic region, they must see Tallinn at night. It’s a bit odd being in an old USSR state, it seems that Estonia has had a jaded past in the 20th century. They’re a part of the EU now and have been for the last 4 months. There are buildings here that used to be KGB offices and such. It’s so amazing here, I can keep raving for hours on Tallinn, but I must be off as I’ve only bought 15 minutes on this internet kiosk (for 15 EEK!).