Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

The move has begun. I started on Monday with my car full of boxes and Justin in his Explorer with the new dining room table. We unloaded my car and his and I headed back to Sunnyvale for the night since I had forgotten to bring any clothes for the next day. I loaded the car up again Tuesday morning and went up to the city at 8:00pm, taking me exactly 45 minutes door to door from the office to the apartment. After another hour of moving boxes from the car to the apartment (I should mention the apartment is on the 4th floor), I’m now a whole third of the way done moving. I assembled the dining room table (which takes up about a third of the living/dining room), hooked my iPod up to Ami’s stero and passed out on a comforter-used-as-a-bed. Driving from the city to Mountain View the next morning took 48 minutes, leaving at 8:45am. I’m going to rent a Uhaul for the weekend to move the bed, my bookshelf and the rest of the large item I’ll have left. Tonight I’m meeting Eric for dinner at Evvia in Palo Alto and probably spending the night in Sunnyvale, packing the car and doing another car-load of moving on Thursday.